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  • Michael Jurewitz 📎

    Michael Jurewitz 📎

    iOS, macOS, F1, cars, photography, and food. jury.me

  • Jake Behrens

    Jake Behrens

    Evangelist/Engineer. Musician. Plaid wearer.

  • Lauren Smiley

    Lauren Smiley

    San Francisco journalist studying humans in the Tech Age. For WIRED, California Sunday, and San Francisco Magazine. Alum of Matter and Backchannel.

  • Alana Massey

    Alana Massey

    I’m sorry I wrote my feelings all over your internet.

  • Medium


    Everyone’s stories and ideas

  • Erich Nagler

    Erich Nagler

    Artist, designer, and Lead Art Director for @GoogleDoodles

  • Alex Feerst

    Alex Feerst

    Lawyer, writer, dreamer, doer.

  • Daniel Pasco

    Daniel Pasco

    Renegade polymath, guitarist, semi-retired mad scientist. Was: Founder and CEO of Black Pixel, Engineering Director at Hypergiant. Now:Senior Engineer at Apple.

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