Jungle Scout vs AmaSuite : Which One Is The Best? (#1 Reason)

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3 min readJun 19, 2021


AmaSuite Key Features

1). Education and Training

AmaSuite being one of a kind platform, they would provide you with an unrestricted video-guides depending on areas that actually need that kind of explanation.

However, video-guides are provided for areas that are much more complex and require time that needs to be invested.

Case studies are provided depending on what concept is to be focused more on and areas that would need complex understanding and accordingly working the way through ensuring proper concept clarity and a piece of deep knowledge that may be required.

One beautiful benefit that you would find at the platform is that you would have unlimited access to their blog posts that give deep insights on relevant topics from time to time.

2). Product Research and Validation

Amasuite Product Analyzer- Jungle Scout vs Amasuite
They ensure that you have all the product discovery tools depending on the requirements and the market research you want to do.

Opportunity score is a key factor in the growth of an online seller. This is an indicator that ensures you have the correct idea about your competitors and how well or how behind you would be performing or your products are doing.

Historical data is something that is required by the sellers to analyze the market trends that have been going on to ensure necessary additions could be made to the products and their online presence.

An additional feature that AmaSuite ensures their users have is the listing review downloader which is a feature that would make the job easier to have one-page access to the reviews that the seller receives to get a critique over their products.

3). Launching on Amazon

With having to launch on Amazon, they ensure you have the right Keyword discovery and Keyword Rank Tracking to ensure you get maximum optimization.

Amasuite Keyword Generator- Amasuite vs Jungle Scout

Keyword index checker and having PPC automation tools would make your tasks easier in terms of marketing your products in the right way without having to spend time in this area.

Ensuring you get support in terms of optimization scores and having to receive customization alerts whenever required.

4). Business Management

AmaSuite is a platform that provides sales analytics and profitability dashboard if you are looking and aiming at getting the numbers to push forward your business.

Business management on the mobile app is a feature that you would receive in terms of access to having on multiple devices.

You as a seller would have Inventory demand forecasting to ensure you have a timely update on your inventory or stock of products.

In terms of customer service, you would have a feature of Refund reimbursements where you could track the refund that you would have to process and a market segment analysis to ensure that you target the right audience.

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Finnich vessal