Jungle Scout vs AMZScout : The Ultimate Comparison (Top Pick)

Jungle Scout versus AmzScout: Features

Item History

Jungle Scout

Utilizing jungle scout the clients can check the historical backdrop of the item and think about their value range and even analyze the costs accessible on various stages.


The item history accessible on Amzscout isn’t pretty much as colossal as the item history accessible on the Jungle Scout. Which diminishes the adaptability of utilization for the clients of Amzscout.

Decision The jungle scout has been on the lookout for a more extended time than Amzscout it gives preferred item history over Amzscout and gives better subtleties.

Deals Data

Jungle Scout

The business information on the jungle scout is extremely exact in monitoring every one of the business information about the items which are being sold or were sold on Amazon.

Jungle Scout Sales Estimater-Jungle Scout versus Amzscout

Jungle scout gives nitty gritty data about the items which have the most noteworthy evaluations and the paces of the items, even the occasions explicit items were sold, the historical backdrop of the items, and the accessibility of the quantity of things in the store, and so on


The business information in AmzScout probably won’t be pretty much as great as the business information accessible in the jungle scout.

AmzScout Sales Estimater

They are exceptionally exact and incredible however the degrees of subtleties and precision on the jungle scout can be vastly improved.

Indeed, even Amzscout gives all data about the triumphant items and breaks down the item thoughts to get the most ideal outcomes.

Decision the subtleties of deals information accessible on the jungle scout and Amzscout are very comparative, the data gave doesn’t have a very remarkable contrast however the business information accessible on the jungle scout is much exact and exact.

Posting Quality Score

Jungle Scout

This is perhaps the best component an item research device can offer its clients. What this component does is, asks the Amazon FBA dealers to monitor items utilizing a rating framework.

Posting Builder-Jungle Scout versus Amzscout

In the rating framework, the Amazon dealers need to check every item from the rating of guide 1 toward point 5 in which point 1 being the least and point 5 being the most elevated.

Utilizing this stunning element the item research apparatus permits the clients to make examinations between items in an extremely convenient manner and improve their items as per the focuses the items get.


Actually like the jungle scout Amzscout gives its clients a vastly improved and excellent component of rating the items.

Dissimilar to the jungle scouts pointing arrangement of a rating between point 1 and point 5, it gives rating up to point 100 and covers a lot more attributes of the items.

The attributes of the rating framework have evaluations dependent on the name length of the item, even the brand and how could it be working, the quantity of shots in the item, over all it gives appraisals on the depiction accessible about the item and the photos and the quantity of pictures open identified with the item.

It likewise gives insights regarding the surveys on the items and about the merchant, that if the vender is FBA or not, and considerably more than I just referenced.

The quantity of subtleties and data the Amzscout posting quality score gives makes improving straightforward as you will know in which territories your item or store needs improvement in and this will help in a greatly improved development rate.

Decision The posting quality score highlight in Amzscout furnishes clients with significantly more data than the jungle scout does and the rating framework is substantially more point by point, this element will permit clients to flourish and improve in explicit regions and won’t need to stress over the general nature of the item as the rating framework will give subtleties covering more data than the rating arrangement of the jungle scout.

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